Allies and Enemies

Book 2 Synopsis

Being the O’Donnellan heir and a leprechaun means Prospero Clydesdale O’Shaughnessy can talk to fairy tale creatures, has a few tricks up his sleeve for dealing with the school bully, and can do some leprechaun magic—though it usually makes him puke. But it also means that with the help of the gnomes who live in his backyard, a living enchanted suit of armor named Sir Nigel, his tomboy best friend Sadie, his faithful dog Chelsey-One-Eyed-Jack, and his crazy Aunt Suki, he has to find a way to break the curse put on his family generations ago by an evil headless monster called the Dullahan who has been searching the world for Prospero’s family for generations, intending to destroy them all.
Irish legends and the sidhe call the Dullahan the harbinger of death and say he can kill with a word or a look, but they also tell of a prophecy saying a hero will be born who can stand up to the Dullahan and defeat him once and for all.
The gnomes say all the signs point to Prospero being that hero . . . whether he likes it or not.

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