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Published on Dec 27, 2012 by Jerry W. Henry at the Alabama Music Office

Alabama Music Office was at Shoal Creek near Florence, Alabama to attend Dick Cooper’s Day-After-Thanksgiving-Party 2012. Singer/songwriter Taylor S. Hoch was on hand to perform her song, “Everywhere Else.”

“Taylor’s been in the studio in Sheffield, AL this September for that good ‘ol Muscle Shoals sound with legendary producer and engineer Jerry Masters (48 Gold/Platinums), his beautiful and talented wife, Jan, and fellow engineer, Jimmy Nutt, recording her new album One More Time. Also playing on her album are legends like David Hood on bass and Will McFarlane on lead guitar. Eddie Russell performed percussion, Opie Stewart on harp and backup vocals, Andrew Sharpe on piano, and many more dedicated and talented artists.

An artist who’s been through enough to write a thousand songs but was denied the chance, Taylor Hoch was told she’d never walk again or for that matter play guitar. Today she smiles, and will happily walk up to you to start a conversation while carrying her guitar between gigs. She frequents the Huntsville area music scene selecting from a plethora of newly crafted melodic euphony that only a dulcet weathered voice can echo. The kind of folk music where no emollient exists to cure the bumps her simplistic chords and deep echoing lyrics will leave behind on your skin. 

Join her for a moment, open your heart and try to fathom how her voice couldn’t betray the depth of still halcyon emotion flowing through her veins.”– Jerry W. Henry, Alabama Music Office

“. . . Taylor is a prolific songwriter, top notch, with great songs . . . a great singer/songwriter, great finger-picking, boogie-woogie, blues, a little bit of country and some great rock and roll…absolute poetry put to music.”–Brad Posey of The Invisible City, WLRH FM 89.3

“. . . absolutely stunned [at her] high quality of songwriting and the high quality of her voice . . . amazing . . . blew me away. She is an incredibly talented person. The production on the album is outstanding!” –Joe St. John of Real Story Radio’s reaction to Taylor’s CD’s One More Time and Out of the Blue

“Her two CDs were so good . . . fabulous Band . . . fabulous everything!”–Chris Hanon of

“. . . The sound is reminiscent of Crosby, Stills & Nash. As is the juxtaposition of the singer’s heavy lyrics and the music’s upbeat, buoyant melodies and tones . . .”–Matt Wake of The Huntsville Times

“You absolutely blew my socks off! I believe in your music.” –Producer Jerry Masters

“Taylor has an insight into life and the myriad of positive and negative  issues involved with living it with the rare ability to poetically express those observations in her lyrics.  Rock on sista!”–Blues great Big Joe Shelton

Click here to Read Taylor’s story published in The Huntsville Times

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“. . . The cops caught ’em and they went to jail,” Taylor says, “and that was cool, but I’m not mad about this. It was scary at the time, but I wake up now every morning and think, ‘Thank God for those guys.’ Because of them breaking in the door, I realized if I could protect my family with one arm and not being able to walk, I was still pretty useful. . .”  read more at the link above

Article by Matt Wake of The Huntsville Times
March 28, 2013 

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