The Mouth of the Cave

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Book 5 synopsis

“That’s Tir-na-nog?” Prospero couldn’t believe it. The island looked nothing like the beautiful Never-Never Land from all the stories Aunt Suki told him.
Head down and weary, Embarr said, “I am afraid so. What remains of it at least.”

Prospero and his friends braved the forbidding underground, made their daring escape from the banshee and her red caps, and raced across the hidden ocean in an enchanted outrigger canoe all in hopes of reaching the magical island. Tir-na-nog was supposed to be the happy place at the end of their long journey.
But now Tir-na-nog is a ruin. King Oscar is missing; Queen Niamh lies at the foot of the First Tree in a trance, too traumatized from despair to move or speak; and the handful of sidhe still alive creep hidden amongst the jagged rocks, crazed and dangerous.
Before Prospero can get answers about how to defeat the Dullahan, he and his friends need to help Queen Niamh and the sidhe.
—and the dragon who wreaked all the devastation might return any moment!

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