Seizing the Stone

Book 6 Synopsis

While they waited for the others to catch up, Jack lowered his shaggy muzzle to the ground and sniffed the path past the gate. “There’s dragon scent here alright. At least I think that’s what it is. I’ve never smelled anything like it before.”

Minor said, “So what are we supposed to do now? Just stand around?”

Nigel clapped his shoulder with a gauntlet. “We will assume guard positions up the tunnel. Come along, squire.” Pointing a metal finger at Sadie, he added, “Other squire, stay here and guard Prospero.”

Nigel led Minor deeper into the tunnel, and Minor grumped, “You do know guard duty is still just standing around doing nothing, right?”

“Only until that terrifying moment when suddenly it is not.” Nigel laughed. If Minor said anything to that, Prospero didn’t hear it.

Sadie said, “Only Nigel could think that’s funny. I just went from relaxed to feeling the hair on the back of my neck stick up.”

“Yeah, me too.” Prospero shivered.

Thanks to an outrigger canoe named Guinevere, and Pyrite and the gnome’s awesome balloon idea, Prospero and his friends escaped the ruins of Tir-na-nog and the clutches of the banshee.

Along with Queen Niamh and the last surviving sidhe warriors, they reached the dragon’s fortress and are on their way to save King Oscar and finally find out how to break the Dullahan’s curse.

But they have to hurry. The First Tree is dying, and if it does, Tir-na-nog and the sidhe will be lost forever. And the dragon knows they’re coming.

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