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Reviews for The Curse of the Dullahan Series

Faith Hunter
New York Times bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series, the
Soulwood series

“Taylor S Hoch is a fabulous new voice in the modern day, middle grade fantasy series, The Curse of the Dullahan.”

Van Allen Plexico
Award Winning SF & Action/Adventure Author and Podcaster

“A vividly colorful and delightful introduction to Prospero Clydesdale O’Shaughnessy, his eccentric aunt Suki, and the other wild and wacky characters (some human, some not!) who inhabit his world. We see everything through Prospero’s still innocent and naive eyes, confronting the magic and the danger that surrounds him, and meeting enemies and allies both mundane and extraordinary. It’s a book overflowing with warmth and love and genuine moments of surprise and wonder; a book that should appeal to readers of all ages, but never talks down to them; a book that’s over all too soon (but there are more!). Taylor Hoch weaves with her writing here a spell that is as inviting and ensnaring as a Leprechaun’s enchanted music box, and I loved every page. Highly recommended.”

Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher – Aphelion Magazine

“Taylor’s series reads like a blend of “Harry Potter” and T.H. White’s “The Once And Future King”–in all the best ways. Her imagination is turbo-charged and her research into Irish folklore is top-notch. This is a “coming of age” story, an adventure story, with a touch of a classic quest story about it. That’s not an easy plot to weave, but Taylor does it with style and humor and grace. The protagonists may be pre-teens, but that’s not a limiting factor here. This is more than a YA, more than an “Urban Fantasy,” and has elements of a dozen or more classic Fantasy sub-genres. You start off thinking it’s a kid’s book, then quickly find that it is written for all ages. Every bit of it rings true, and epic, and even High Fantasy Drama from the characters to the setting to the set dressing to the elements of mythology joyously scattered throughout the adventure. And joyous is the right word, for this adventure is a joy to read, and looks like it was a lot of fun to write as well. Her characters leap off the page to find a place in your heart and mind as you read. You want to keep turning the pages, reading faster and faster, knowing full well that once you reach the final page you’re going to want more. Thankfully, this is the first volume of a series and there are already three more sequels out, so you can rest assured that the adventure isn’t over yet, and you’ll be grateful for that once you find yourself invested in all the wonderful characters who live and breathe and scamper delightfully through the pages of this volume. Taylor Hoch has the gift! And she’s sharing it with us all. Every time you see her name on a book, coupled with the incomparable artwork of Col. Kevin Fritz Fotovich, you can rest assured that you are in for a treat!”

Melissa Gay
Award Winning SF/Fantasy Artist

“If you put Harry Potter into a cauldron with I Was A Sixth Grade Alien and the Spiderwick Chronicles, then added a dash of Judy Blume and Roald Dahl and stirred it with Irish folklore, you might come close to the magical action-adventure and school drama of Taylor Hoch’s Curse of the Dullahan! Quirky!!! It’s a quirky, charming, magical action-adventure, with school drama!”

Jennifer Krull
Educator and President of Mathnasium

“What a fun book! I got absorbed into the cool maps at the beginning–yes, pictures! This book made me nostalgic for childhood. As a parent, I love the themes of inclusiveness. If you liked the Harry Potter books, you will love The Curse of the Dullahan! An underdog eleven year-old shrimp grows into an humble and completely believable hero in an amazingly short time. Just like in real life, when the gnomes hit the fan, it just seems like life goes into hyper-drive!

Sydne Spencer
World Renowned Scratch Artist

“Taylor has created a realistic world complete with yard ornaments that come to life and Irish folklore galore. I TOTALLY enjoyed every word of it! I am only sorry that I have to wait until next year to read the next book. I will be waiting impatiently. By the way, I bought two additional copies and presented them as gifts to my grandchildren. Writing this good needs to be shared.”

Sarah Coutu
Political Activist

“I have wanted to buy this book for quite some time, but I rarely have time to read as a mom of eight. I didn’t know to expect that it would be a great fit for all of my children as well as a book that I would enjoy so much. You get lost in the writer’s words and almost feel as though you are in Prospero’s world, the way books are supposed to be in my opinion. I am beyond excited to own my first first edition, since I have always loved to read and have always dreamed of having one of those fairy tale libraries full of first editions one day. I had the pleasure of meeting the author and the illustrator and their spouses. You will not meet more loving, imaginative, and talented people. I am honored to own a piece of their wonderful work.”


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