The Belly of the Whale

Book 4 synopsis

Shaking his head and frowning, Buckleberry whispered, “It’s impossible. We’ll never get in without ’em seeing us, and if we have ta fight, we’ll lose.”

Yeah, Prospero thought, it might look that way, but somehow they always managed to do the impossible. After all, they did win the battle of the yard, protecting their homes and families from pookas, goblins, trolls, and even the Dullahan himself!

Okay, so a lot of it could be chalked up to luck, and Misha warned he should never trust things to luck. When it mattered most, luck could change. And bad luck was still luck.

Prospero felt confident though, certain whatever came next, they could handle it. Being a leprechaun and all, luck ran in his blood. Why shouldn’t he rely on it?

But a lot of world exists beyond the protection of the knot stone. Prospero and his friends need to find their way through the labyrinth of caves and tunnels in the great underground, face any of the Dullahan’s minions they might meet along the way, find the fabled subterranean ocean, and then somehow cross the ocean to find the isle of Tir-na-nog.

 . . . And creatures a lot worse than trolls live down in the land of eternal darkness.

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