The New O'Donnellan Heir

Book 1 Synopsis

Prospero Clydesdale O’Shaughnessy lives with his crazy Aunt Suki—who everyone thinks is a witch—in the weirdest old house in town. That alone would be enough to make him the favorite target of Minor Barty, the school bully. But to top it off, Prospero is a red-headed, freckled-faced, nerdy, Irish/American kid who is small enough to be a kindergartener even though he’s in the fifth grade. Prospero might dream of becoming a hero capable of standing up to Minor and his gang, but he knows unless something miraculous happens, he’ll always be the gang’s favorite victim.
Then, on his eleventh birthday, his aunt ushers him into his family’s great secret… they aren’t entirely human. Prospero discovers a whole different world existing side-by-side with the one everyone else sees. And no one, not Sir Nigel the living enchanted suit of armor who stands guard over his bed every night, or Jake the scarecrow who tends Aunt Suki’s vegetable garden, or any member of the clan of gnomes living in his backyard can tell him how or when his special abilities will surface or what they might turn out to be.
As cool as gaining magical abilities might sound to the average kid, for Prospero, his special heritage means more than just having a room full of gold in his basement and more than possibly having a secret weapon to use against his tormentor and arch-nemesis. It also means an evil headless monster called the Dullahan—a fairy the sidhe call the harbinger of death—who cursed his family generations ago, is out there searching the world for them, intending to destroy them all.
The family secret has been kept for generations, but now that secret is unraveling . . . and the Dullahan is coming . . . .

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